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Water falls at any moment, and can cause many unexpected damages to
your home. From rain storms and floods to burst pipes and broken
appliances, water can quickly cause structural damage to your house. Worse
than that, however, water can easily destroy your personal property and
cause injury to both you and your loved ones.

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Did You Know:

Over time, some 43% of homeowners have dealt with water
damages to their homes or personal property. Historically,
water damages hold the title of the second most frequently
filed insurance claim, with an average claim valued at
$7,500. It fills up fast!

The first, and most important, step to take when you find
water damage is to document the event of the damage. In
order for you to file your insurance claim with your
insurance company, you will need proper documentation
that includes dates, times and a list of the property
damaged. Kling Law’s team of skilled lawyers can help you
get through this process to help dry out the water.

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We’ll Assist You In Filing Your Insurance Claim

The legal jargon of insurance policies can be hard to comprehend
and decipher. More times than not, they will contain vague yet
complex excursions that leave you partly uncovered. Unfortunately,
often times insurances companies will incorrectly deny part, or even
all, of a claim, leaving you to replace your damaged property and
belongings. Don’t wait for this to happen to you. Get professional
help now and successfully navigate through filing a claim to earn
the compensation you are entitled.

Work with Kling Law, Florida’s most experienced, knowledge law
firm to ensure your claim is filed right the first time.

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Less Stress to Get Back Home.

Leaks, water damage, flooding and more can hit your home faster than you expect, leaving you with costly repairs. While you may not be able to rely on your insurance company to get you the most for your repairs, you can count on a seasoned lawyer to help you earn the payout you deserve to take back your home.

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